Stone Island

Who are we?

This is Owen & I run Fishbowl Vintage full time, alone. I have done since I started the business late 2019 in my second year of university, which I then dropped out of.

It's hard to truly be yourself in today's world. Modern expectations, pressure & opinions. For me, to wear a piece of vintage clothing is a chance to express a part of myself, to show what I love and what I'm interested in, therefore being myself. Each piece that I choose is in some way unique and something that you won't see everyday. I will maintain this standard for as long as possible. I love what I do so continue to stay passionate.

I focus mainly on selling Vintage Italian Designer & Sportswear Brands such as Stone Island, CP Company (& all other Massimo Osti brands), Missoni, Armani, Benetton, Best Company, to name a few. But I also love selling many other styles / brands such as O'Neill, Aquascutum, Burberry, St Michael & many more. I have all sorts, whatever I think is cool.

If you're reading up to now, you've come to the right place. My website is the spot where you're gonna find my most up to date catalogue with the best prices, as you're supporting my business directly.

I hope that one day, you can feel like yourself, in a piece of clothing that comes from here. From the heart. Fishbowl xX